Financiallyawake.com was created to explore several areas related to creating your ideal life, however you define that to be! It offers simple, practical advice very well researched and also experiences from the author’s personal and professional life. I started this website to share a bit about the world from my perspective. It is meant to awaken people to the realities of life, a special focus is placed on financial well-being, as it is felt that the only way for one to truly be able to fully enjoy life is to have the freedom and the means by which to do so. Feel free to add your bit. Comment, ask questions, share posts you like and sign up to receive more value added content as we grow.

The Authors:

Ropo876 is a fun seeking and charismatic lover of life. His areas of interest span many subject matters and topics. Ever the explorer and a believer in life-long learning, he is passionate about food, travel, entrepreneurship, financial education, customer service and fitness.

Blessedinvestor is a co-author/ contributor on financiallyawake.com. He is a certified Personal Portfolio Advisor with approximately 8 years experience in advising clients on optimizing their investment portfolio.



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  1. This is a very clean read. Just like any new relationship that goes through the honeymoon phase, however we forget that customer relationship determine viability and survival of our business unlike a relationship where we can live the bachelor or Bachelorette life easy. It would be interesting to know what they would have to do to get you back lol. When businesses loose customers what can we do to get them back, knowing that given the competing nature of business the only thing that separates us is the quality of service, as most times we offer the same thing. Tell us ropo, how do you “break up to make up”? lol


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