2 thoughts on “2015: A year of growth. Lessons learnt

  1. Awesome article, I especially like point number 2,too often we forget that whilst we all have a contractual obligation to our jobs we are also individuals, we are human. This humanity is sometimes not defended, and as staff, I have learnt if you want to have committed staff, defend their humanity, and this is done through a dimple excersise called empathy. In a world that is so customer led, we should remember that in the grand scheme of things, there are two types of customers who are equally important – the internal customer and the external customer and in order to be a leader you need commitment from both, because let’s be honest anyone can learn how to manage, few know how to lead.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Trudi, taking care of your internal customers first creates a multiplier/ ripple effect and makes catering to your external customers that much easier.


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